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This is another Axel pic that I scanned in like forever ago but never put it on here. What do you all think of it? I don't think it's my best at all but would like some comment whether it's positive or negative.


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Since I like Axel this is some fan art I did:

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Hey, I'm new to livejournal so I'll be messing around with stuff a lot. I think it'd be cool to get a few friend's to start out with. So I'm going to say a few things about myself. I really love video games, especially Kingdom Hearts I and II. In Kingdom Hearts I love Organization XIII as you can probably see if you know who Axel is (the cute hot guy in my icon). I love Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, that movie is the greatest! My two favorite anime's are Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket. I also love the computer and would die without it. I stay on the computer for hours on end. I guess I'm a mild yaoi fangirl. I am a fan of AkuRoku and Zemyx. Well, I'll just be hanging around here for a while since livejournal might be addictive and steal most of my free time. Thanks for viewing my profile!

I also thank farferello for my display/pic/icon...whatever you wanna call it. It's beautiful and I love it!


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